A million stories…

Hi there! The name is Victoria, and I am one of those people who strongly believes that it’s the small things that make you beautiful, and that make you “you”. It’s the small things that tell the biggest story, and I am mesmerized by observing how those little details can fall together to tell the story of a life time. So why not get in touch, and let me document your story?

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…told in a single…

From the first point of contact, through to helping you pick what images you would like to make into heirlooms, I am there to help you. Once we have agreed on a date, I will help you pick a location that will best represent you and your family. I want you guys to feel relaxed! For some people, this means a shoot while out hiking, for others a picnic outside, and for others still it’s a relaxed day at home making pancakes and just being you.


Remember- the main thing about the photo session, is for you and your family to feel at ease. So saying that, I will go over my shooting style, and prep you guys a little bit. Don’t worry though- my approach is to make it as carefree as possible and let the moments happen naturally. So I promise there won’t be any stiff posing!!


After our shoot, the images take roughly 2-3 weeks before they are edited and ready for you. If you will be ordering prints, we will then schedule a time for us to meet up, and go over the different products, so that I can help you select the best way to make your images come to life.

Products on offer include heirloom boxes with prints of your choice, framed prints, as well albums with your images. The average client spends around $2,000. If you are looking for something that is not a part of my normal product range, I would love to hear more about it, and see if I can create that special piece for you.

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